Yoga For Life

Yoga For Life


I want to share from my experience what yoga’s benefits are physically and mentally.  As an immigrant from China in USA for 25 years plus, I had struggled with no family support and no close friend circle as a single mother.  Since I work full time and commute from Philly to Delaware apartment, I usually exhausted every day after long commute each day.  So after five years of working fulltime and single parent with two boys, I felt mentally and physically over drained.  Anyone can relate?  In a busy society in the USA, there are so many overly worked people there.  I know my yoga experience can be amazingly beneficial for you as it has done for me.  I ask you to try yoga as soon as you can, because yoga is easy, at every level you can be amazingly awarded with physical and mental wellbeing.

After I stared yoga at local gym classes, I experienced much needed relaxation and renewed energy after each class.  It is not an overstatement yoga is the most effective way of achieving wellbeing immediately.  Of course, long term well being is everybody’s goal and with consistent practice of yoga, you can achieve your goal!

I did not realize the benefits until about five years ago   when I started consistent yoga practice everyday.  Honestly, my doctor was surprised by my blood test result after about four months of consistent practice.  My low iron level and vitamin D deficiency were gone compared with my last physical blood test results then.  He asked me what I had done differently, I said I started daily yoga four months ago.  I shared my amazing test results with my sons, they even doubted as it seems never heard of.  But it is true blood test results.   For anyone who is out there wondering what the heck is yoga and why is it so popular these days?  For the people who are skeptical and only pay attention to what the doctors say, I hope my story will prove to you that yoga is amazing from the medical perspective as well.

From practical perspective, whenever I do yoga in the morning for half hour I will be guaranteed a better day.  Whenever I practice at night, I always get a good night of sleep.  Isn’t it the best for a good day and a good sleep every day? 




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