Yoga Heals In the Fight Against Covid

Yoga Heals In the Fight Against Covid

Yoga Heals Me for the Fight with the Covid

Omg, when I was staring at the rapid Covid test window and saw the thick ugly dark bar as big as elephant leg, I was shocked and scared.  With all the statistics ramp up on this nasty virus worldwide with waves after waves, I thought I would not be a Covid infectant.  Here I was, tested negative after my long trip back home from Panama.  I admit I made a wrong silly choice to go for a club hopping trip overseas.  After the one-night outrageous club fun times, I suffered the next few weeks with this awful flu. Although every day I got measurably slight better, thanks to my yoga practice, I developed a keen sense of body awareness.  I noticed the gun powder feel at the back of my throat and nose receding, I knew that is my main symptom of the throat scratching and bitter misery. I did not have fever and overall may qualify minor or medium level of infection by how my body reacted and fought with the virus. I say a fight, it was truly a fight, I needed every ounce of energy and immunity to get on line.  Sleep is my reliable friend in the fight with Covid, after hours of sleep day and night for a few days, I noticeably felt over the hill and started to take It easy and even started to work on my business and household chores.

Among daily necessities, I instinctively knew I needed to get back with my yoga practice.  Yoga always is there for your support to get stronger, that is what I needed then.  I did whatever I could, like yin yoga poses to integrate my body and all its amazing healing powers.  Yoga activates your healings within the body on a cellular level.  When I was on the mat, I sensed a grateful release and realization that I was going to be fine.  Mind and body connection manifested since my body was feeling alive that directly transmitted as a mental realization that everything will be just fine.  This had HUGE effect on my fight with the virus.  I bet the virus backed off and I won from that point!  😊😊

Yin yoga is gentle and gradually deep stretching mostly passively.  It does not need tons of energy to do.  So, if you feel tired or just drained at the end of the day, yin yoga is still perfect to do.  You may be pleasantly surprised at how you feel after the yin yoga- a sense of renewal and recharge of energy and a general well being restored.  Yin yoga is what I did even at the peak of virus attack, I did gentle stretch for the battle ahead.

Some yin poses I did that helped me in the battle against Covid, I believe anyone who is wrestling with the nasty virus can utilize to recover in ease. 

Lizard pose:

Simply gently bend one leg forward with knees outward and chin parallel as much as your body allows, and slowly lower your weight onto the mat with chest ideally on the mat.  Micro adjust until you feel you are on your limit, then settle into the pose and relax into the stretch and let it be!  It may a little uncomfortable.  But remember comfort may not be good for you, outside of comfort zone is always rewarding.  You heard it many times, it is so true and manifested in this pose.  Stay for up to 5 or 10 minutes and slowly exit the pose with ease.  Change and repeat for the other side.

Plow Pose:

This is done when you feel better and on the downhill battle with the virus. It solidified my progress and strengthens your internal organs.  Even without the severe symptoms, my body went through so much hard work to win the battle and protected my vital organs against the virus, they needed the help and support one can get.  The plow pose gives the body a boost of immunity by passively inversion with your vital organs upside down.  It is passive inversion that anyone can do on the mat without exerting extra strength and energy which we need to reserve at recovery time.  In short, plow pose makes speedy recovery possible even with a weak energy level.  I used butt lifts when I laid on the mat in supine position, then lifted butt off the mat with the hands on the lower back for support reaching your feet backwards until they reach the mat or barely reach the mat.  Now stay and hold and breath deeply.  Breathing is strenuous in plow and it forces us to deep breath which is so crucial for fighting Covid. The deep breathings are Number One remedy against the virus I strongly believe!

As a rule of thumb, do your power yoga poses, whichever poses you feel you are strong with, do that with deep breathing, it empowers you to win the Tough Fight with Covid.  At a minimum, start practice the yin poses and functional poses like lizard and plow listed above, I can guarantee you the marvelous feeling you will have.

After all, yoga empowers us when we are sick Covid or not, it helps us recover in a magical way.  Let’s better equip ourselves when the world is more inflicted with different variants of the virus. Did you hear about the emerging surge of Covid variants that have evolved to escape even vaccines?  The good news is that we have The BEST tool --yoga, free and effective! 😊


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