Yoga Morning Routine that Works for Busy Moms

Yoga Morning Routine that Works for Busy Moms

Alternating breathing and cat and cows

Yoga morning routines for busy moms

Yoga is really wonderful for our health.  But I am so busy everyday with full time job and kids?  How can I stick to a yoga routine? Yes, you can stick to a yoga routine, it is not as doubting as you think!


Be creative:

                 In the morning after wake up, sit down on a mat (or in a balcony with fresh air), close eyes and breath, it is the simplest yoga breathing practice!  Start with alternating nostril breathing, close one nostril and exhale from the left nostril, inhale slowing and deeply from the same nostril and hold in full breath for 2-4 seconds, and exhale from right nostril and close left nostril with right ring finger.  Repeat!

              After 5 minutes of alternating nostril breathing, you will feel balanced in the body and mind as right and left side of the body and brain are synchronized and balanced out.

             Following nostril breathing, you can do cat and cow poses for 5 to 10 rounds, gradually you feel strengthened on the spine and ready to start the day.  Start out with 5 to 10 minutes every morning, everyone has 5 minutes to spare, once you see how calm you become, you will gladly give more time to your morning yoga! 😊

                Remember to tune in to your body when you do the cat and cows, how you feel in your back and spine, exhale when you hunch your back and activate your navel, inhale when you curve your spine and relax the back and let go.  Repeat 10 reps slowly and coordinating with deep breathing.  Once complete, sit in easy pose on the mat, pay attention to your breath and the quality of your emotions and minds before you start the day.

                I promise you with 7 days of alternating breathing and cat and cows in the mornings, you will be ready to add on our second routines! Stay tuned and stay tuned in!

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