Yoga Tips for Core and Legs

Yoga Tips for Core and Legs

Yoga Tips-core and legs no matter where you are


My love for travel is only enhanced by yoga practice anywhere in the world.  When I am at a small apartment without a yoga mat, I do core yoga on the bed.  I believe core work is the foundation of yoga and even spiritually.  With a progressively strong core, I feel more centered literally and thus able to receive clearer message from the universe.  If you are willing to try 20 minutes good core yoga, you will see what I meant that you start the day with a centered yet relaxed mindset and everyone around you can feel your good vibe.

Shall I talk about what is the good core yoga?  In my experience, I usually start to the upper core with hands reaching toes while legs are in the air and back firmly on the bed mattress or yoga mat.  Please make sure your lower back is firmly on the ground surface, this is key because you want to work on the core not the back and release any stress from the back.  As I am still on my way to recover from SI joint injury, I realize that core is the foundation of recovery and prevention from any back injury.  Looking back, my long days and years of office work caused my back stresses to be accumulated and compounded, if I had paid attention to building a strong core, I would not have suffered a SI injury.  SI is the joint of hips and end of spine, it is such an important part of the body, however, it is often ignored by people who works in desk jobs.  The lower back umbrella includes this SI joint as it is located at the lower part to the lower back right above your sacrum.  The pain was unbearable for me for days when it was reaching breaking point, then I had to lay in bed for days before I could move around a bit in the house.  Then I started my long journey of recovery and I learned so much about how to use yoga to heal better and get stronger so there is no more injury.  Yes, no more injury as you build strong core, the back will be the strong support to prevent any back pain or SI joint pain or stiffness.  More on this topic is coming to share as I gathered so much personal experiences that no doctor can feel how it is unless you experienced it!

Our body structures are so complex and every muscle group and joints and fassiles are intricately essential to work together as a whole, with my ignoring an SI join in my body, I suffered tremendously and it is a true lesson.  On the journey of 11-month recovery, I gradually regained strength and added one pose of yoga at a time.  I understand what works best and not works in the SI recovery.  I want to share the journey of recovery as there are so many suffering from this common pain and even preventing people from getting into the pain unconsciously.


Let’s get back to our core yoga essential steps:

                First upper core by reaching toes while keeping back flat on the mattress.  Depending on how you feel on the day, you could do reaches of 20 or 50 reps.  The key is tightening around your naval the entire time.  Use your core strength to reach up to the toes.  It does not really matter how many reps you do but using core strength to reach is important!  You may feel burns on the upper stomach, congratulation.  You’ve got it right and have activated your cores!

                Second, you can place your hands under your bum and hip for soft landing support and feet small jumping up reaching to the ceiling by contracting lower abs.  You can do as many as you can until your abs are burning which means it is working.  Don’t be afraid of burning sensation on the core.  It is a good sign you will get flatter abs and fats are melting away little by little.  In my example, I did not feel burns at all, it took me several weeks to feel any burns in the core.  Keep at it, you will get the results with consistency. 

                Third, after a few seconds of breezer, you are ready to switch to your sides and work on the obliques.  What I found the most effective way is to reaching elbow to knees with on leg to the ceiling and one leg on the floor.   The grounding leg can be slightly lifted up in the air once you gain some strength and want more level up.  Again, using the core and oblique muscles you should feel your sides -obliques tightened and stressed.  The tough to reach love handle is the most resistant to burn out.  You can exhaust one side before you change sides.  Once both sides are worked out, you can increase intensity by lifting the bottom leg off the bed or mat, it is tougher as you have to use more core to hold both legs in the air.  Believe me, it is worth the efforts.

That is it, 3 core yoga anywhere even on beds I found effective when you are on the go traveling without a yoga mat.  


Another way to continue with yoga practice without a mat is to work on the legs.  The standing poses like single leg raise to front and side.  I usually hold my ankle or big toe and activate THE STANDING LEG, the wobbling and stabilizing is the necessary steps.  You may fall or wobble and that is what it takes, you can always restart and restabilize.  Eventually you will see your leg strength and more powering to stabilize.   Remember to do both legs! 


There you go, these are two essential core and leg strength yoga poses that you can do at any Airbnb or hotel without a yoga mat.  Stay tuned, you will find more useful practice tips I accumulated and found most effective!

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