About Us

We strive to offer yoga clothes and accessories for a healthy, active and simple life.  We focus on high quality, elegant yet comfortable, simple yet functional products while doing our best to bring our prices affordable despite the higher cost of recycled material and production technology. light jacket for womenyoga r us

YogaRus is dedicated to source and work with our multiple experienced and established Sports Apparel and Yoga Clothes manufacturers to bring our curated collections of yoga clothing to the market.  The qualities of our cloth line are the same, similar or even better than the top brands in yoga clothes at a deep discount in some styles.
    recycled yoga clothes-leggings and brajoggers and sweatpants from yogarus

      Yoga and wellbeing are expanding and infiltrating into our life and it is essentially a practice on every level of wellbeing, an inclusive practice for everyone regardless of their race, background, gender or age.  In the journey of yoga, I discovered not only the yoga practice, but the love of yoga clothes that offer comfort, security and confidence.  When you put on your favorite clothing in the morning, you start the day in yoga no matter whether you are on the mat, out and about, working from home, or lounging in the house.  We are confident our yoga everyday clothes will be your favorite essentials for the years to come.

      Join the Efforts to Protect the Earth

      We collaborate with our clothes manufacturers to incorporate more recycled or recyclable materials in the YogaRus cloth lines.  Our eco-friendly lines of clothes have threads of recycled or recyclable materials ranging from 10% to 85%, bringing forth even more super soft and highly durable sustainable clothes with best possible performance.  Our recycled nylons diverted tons of plastic bottle from the landfill and saved our earth from the accelerated hazards.  Our recycled polyester comes from fishing nets from coast lines which saves more sea lives from being killed.  We are proud to join in the efforts to protect our earth, wearing our yoga clothes contributes to our efforts.

      The UV protection component in some selections offers additional protection when you need it. 

       YogaRus is Here

      YogaRus communicates to the world:  We are Yoga, Yoga are Us.  We are union, we are connected, yoga provides a venue to get there with consistent practice.  Are you looking for yoga clothes to start or recharge your yoga journey?  Get a pair today and get to the mat.  Enjoying a flowing life starts with you and seeing your world change! Try YogaRus products on the mat and off the mat today and every day.  If you have any questions about how to select certain styles for your desired fit and preference, we are happy to suggest the style and fabric that fits your taste and ensure your selection is what you want when it comes yoga clothes.

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